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Group shopping

Group shop your favorite design items with others. The more buyers, the more discount for everyone.

Invite people

Invite more people from your social network and watch the price go down when others join in.

Support designers

When you shop at modsvar, our designers get publicity and earn more. In return they spoil you with a discount.

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Away from the city My daily adventure - The notebook

We have always been driven by the desire to explore a strange world and explore its hidden facets - dive in and cultivate detail. To develop us. To understand. To try to accommodate this enormous beauty. To experience the world strong contrasts...

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No commissions or fees

It’s completely free to sell your products in our marketplace. Instead of charging you, we turn the business model around, so your customers earn a discount every time they buy a product from you.

No technical hassle

We take care off all the transactions and customer details, making it really easy for you to sell your products. All payments are directly and securely transferred between you and your customers.

Reach a bigger audience

Our group shoppers invite more buyers to your campaigns by sharing your products in their social network. Group shopping is all about sharing and caring about great design.

Featured designer

brainchild original danish design back to the original

Whoever makes a good design cares for the process, it results in a pride in the final design, thus it becomes the designer's brainchild. All designs are different, but not all are genuine, even with us, we have a source of inspiration. We...

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