We choose sustainability and long lasting products

The future depends on us all - sellers as buyers. That is why we believe that we as new businesses must rethink the way we design, produce and sell goods and services. We have chosen to serve you an online platform, which connects and rewards conscious sellers and customers, all with the mission of limiting the manufacturing of unuseful goods, that we do not need.

A good design and a quality product is sustainable because it is not produced just to be thrown away after it is purchased. Let’s work together and buy great products together. It’s a win-win.

Online marketplace for quality and sustainability

Thank you for your better choice

Find campaigns with the best quality and sustainable living, lifestyle and beauty products. As a thank you for your choice, we lower your price every time a product is sold. Find inspiration and check out sustainable living and lifestyle trends right now in our marketplace - we have already handpicked the best items for you.

Buy directly from brave brands

And here is the best part: Every time you buy a great product, you support great emerging brands to grow and scale their businesses. Instead of charging them substantial commissions and fees, we let them spoil you with a significant discount when you buy with the crowd. It’s a win-win. Remember: When you buy from a small business, an actual person does a little happy dance! Meet our sellers

We reward you if you care and share

Order the product you wish to buy and invite more people from your social network, and spread the word of our great products, if you want to love your price even more. All buyers reach the lowest price when all items are sold in a campaign, and the first buyer is always guaranteed a great deal. This is our thank you for supporting our mission for a better future. Thank you for sharing.

Join the Crowd

Make a great deal today! Online shopping can be fun, sustainable and social!

Our vision is to build the world’s best social shopping community where passion for great design can be shared by people from all over the world - easy and simple.

Our mission with Modsvar is to help more brave brands to grow their businesses through cooperation and a great technology. Our pleasure is to give you the best collection of unique and hand picked interior design and sustainable fashion products.

We just started this exciting journey and currently we are only open in Denmark. We will be opening for international sales and brands soon. So stay tuned!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch [email protected]

Meet our Team

Chrisstine Johannsen CEO and founder Modsvar

Chrisstine Johannsen

CEO and Partner

Martin Lynge CTO and partner Modsvar

Martin Lynge

CTO and Partner

Pernille Ravn – Modsvar

Pernille Ravn

Communications and Press

Simone Vestergaard – Intern at Modsvar

Simone Vestergaard