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Exclusive interview with MOIJN

We did an exclusive interview with the Founder and Director, Kristoffer Munk, from the popular Danish brand, MOIJN. Read Kristoffer’s story about the dream of becoming an entrepreneur and get insights about the handcrafted lamp series ML01 from seller MOIJN.

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When was the beginning of MOIJN?

"I started Moijn in 2012. In the beginning I primarily worked as a freelance design consultant, but in 2014 we detailed our first product series and launched it at the Danish Design Fair, Formland, in January 2015."

What motivated you to start your own business?

"For many years it has been a dream for me to be an entrepreneur and to run my own design business, so running Moijn, which is soon to be 5 years old, is kind of a dream come true for me.
The dream of being an entrepreneur started during my winters snowboarding in the mountains of Austria and Norway. During that time I had a great feeling of freedom and a work life, which was also very different form a regular day job. So the idea of approaching my design career as an entrepreneur was very appealing to me. Like most people, I love doing what I love".

Can you tell us the story behind the ML01 lamps?

"During the first steps of my journey towards becoming a product designer back in 2006, I spend some of the best months of my life at The Scandinavian Design College.

One of the projects I did during my time there was a lamp project, and the challenge of the project was to create an interesting spacial shape from a flat material. I experimented a lot with different types of sheet materials, and created all kinds of shapes and prototypes. I also wanted the shape to be as clean and simple as possible, and I ended up falling in love with the design concept for the early prototype of the ML01. One sheet with an angled cut, twisted around itself two times and locked in place by piercing a piece of plexiglas through the lampshade. Actually, the final prototype from this project became a gift for my sister, when she moved into her first apartment on her own.
My concept proposal stuck in my mind all the way through my design education, and when I decided it was time for Moijn to start a design brand, produce and distribute our own handmade products, it was time to launch and make ML01 come true.

Even though the design concept is from 2006, the ML01 lamp has already had its first 10 year anniversary, and is to me and many others still an interesting shape to explore".

All of your lamps are handcrafted?

With my designs I would like to change the use and throw away culture, that started after World War II, where growth and mass consumption exploded. This was the time where the main purpose was to mass produce products, that would easily break, so consumers would buy more and more. I think it's a completely skewed approach to designing, producing and retailing.

So, the mass production of products, that has become one of the results of World War II I would like to change by creating local and handcrafted designs. In my view, we all can change the mass consumerism by making the production of the products we consume more local and more adaptable to market demands, rather than producing millions of products followed by a huge amount of marketing to get consumers to buy something, that does not even last for a long time, and might not even be needed.
By making handmade products, you have a much better opportunity to adjust and affect the volume of the production to the market demand".*

How do you maintain a high level of quality in your products?

"We work hands on with our production through all the steps of making our lamps, which enables us to check the quality of our products on every step of the way towards having the final product ready for shipment".

What are your thoughts about being a seller at

"I think it’s a great idea, that the crowd decides what to buy and how many items to buy in a campaign.

The crowd shopping business model also helps smaller brands to produce what is needed, meanwhile the crowd gets discounts, and who doesn’t love to save money? In my perspective, this kind of business model is a response to mass consumption and mass production, which matches my own values.

Back MOIJN at modsvar, read more, and order your favourite lamp from the ML01 series here.

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