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A small brand with a strong voice

Meet Grobund

A new sustainable fashion brand

Mette, who is the founder of the Danish brand, Grobund, has built her company based on her personal set of values related to sustainability. Grobund is all sustainable, the brand is GOTS-certified and organic. GOTS-certified meaning, that the company meets the strictest production requirements that ensure both consistency, sustainability, and ethics throughout the supply chain.

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Less is the new more

Mette's focus is on slow fashion, and her dream is, that consumers buy less cheaply manufactured clothes. This in order to help the sustainable fashion industry to grow, so it will be possible to combine both price and product. Therefore she adds: ’’Less is the new more’’.

She started her company in August 2016, because she felt, that she as a fashion designer has a great responsibility towards becoming more sustainable.
We were so lucky to get an exclusive interview with Mette, who told us why she uses her voice and talent to design and produce sustainable fashion:

The world has a high focus on animal welfare and ecology, and yet we allow poor working conditions in the fashion industry. In order to increase the focus, we need to make the consumers more aware. We need to reach the conscious consumers, in order to gain more attention to this market, so that the working environment can be just as great as the clothes, that they are producing.

The everyday challenge

As a fashion designer, it is very expensive to produce sustainable clothes. In order to think sustainable, you need to acquire a big amount of fabrics when producing just one specific article of clothing. Otherwise, the aforementioned mindset does not combine in a higher unit.

Mette wants to contradict ‘fast fashion’ because it problematizes the sustainable production. It is very difficult to change a consumer's mindset and needs. There are so many different opportunities within clothing brands, and you can pick and choose whatever you like, depending on your disposable income and brands status.

Support Grobund at Modsvar

Mette has started her journey of creating high-quality and sustainable fashion, and we are so lucky, that we can support and promote Grobund at

As many of us know; If we want to see a change, we must be the change.

Back Grobund and buy her fantastic basics here.

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