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Why Buy Sustainable Fashion

By guest blogger, Simone Vestergaard.

Have you ever wondered how and what your clothes are made of?

A lot of people do not know how their clothes are being produced, nor the worker’s conditions. The fashion industry does not advertise on how to think sustainable. Due to the high consumer demand, a lot of clothes are being produced under miserable conditions, because the companies are being pushed to work faster and harder, but the workers are not getting higher profit or payments. In fact, some workers in the fashion industry are developing all sorts of diseases because of the chemicals being used at the fields to produce cotton.

A new Generation means Change

Our generation, the so called generation Y is the most ‘’green’’ population, and it is only recently that the younger consumers have begun to show leadership in buying sustainable products. Today there is a bigger focus on the natural organic personal care market – for example hair and skincare products. Due to new knowledge about parabens and artificial perfume, allergy etc., a lot of companies are more aware of the ‘’green thinking’’ method, and have begun to produce green products, so that the consumers can buy healthy products with a clear conscience.

If the skincare industry can change directions, so can the fashion industry. It’s only a matter of time. In a few years we hope to see more brands developing a sustainable strategy towards a better environment with recycling.

Sustainable Fashion at Modsvar

Modsvar wants to maintain the green mindset. Therefore we want to make it easy for you as a consumer to buy a great selection of sustainable products.

Our purpose is to have a platform that collects all the best sustainable products. Why?

We want to help you as a consumer to find sustainable fashion products made with love and care for the environment, to make purchasing process easier for you, and to bring you a community, where you can be a part of a bigger movement. is a secured platform, which means, that the designers are selected and permitted access to the platform. We are proud to represent designers, designing sustainable fashion.

If you are the aware consumer, who thinks sustainability is the keyword that fulfill your needs within shopping, we have a lot of nice products that fits this category. So go check them out! Check out the tagged brands and products below.

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