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According to Costume Magazine, green is one of the most popular colors in the world of 2017.

At Modsvar, we already knew this would happen, so we prepared a small celebration for the green color, by focusing on all our greenly products in our Shop.

It is spoken, that green pleases the eyes, and apparently, we all want green in our homes - in one way or the other. Such as materials from nature, herbs, cactus', posters and small interior products. Also, the great love for sustainability and eco-certified products is linked directly to the success of the color green. We like to think green.


Have you ever noticed, that green is a replacement for ''Yes''? Green refers to our consciousness and subconsciousness. We only pass the traffic light if the light is green, and we are convinced, that if something is green, it's good or healthy in contrast to red, which often has a negative meaning towards the code of ethics.

According to this, green has become a statement for sustainable attitudes and natural ingredients. A lot of Danish brands have green as the supporting color in their logo. Why? Because they also know, that it is important to be a part of the ''green wave'' and to let you know, that they care.

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Therefore.. support the brands that have taken a chance towards the general population, and have become a part of the new balance towards a better world, a sustainable and resource-conscious world. Support the upcoming designers, who have spent all their saving in order to be sustainable. To be a front figure for the new generations. We do.

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