Each Piece- TEN+ Different Styles

We have never seen anything like this!

We are proud to present Solve as one of our new sustainable and innovative fashion brands.

Every piece is designed so it fits in 10 different styles! The collection is now open for orders here.

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Solve came to life in January ’17 but the journey towards its founding started two and a half years ago.

The founder is Cristina Dan, a Romanian contextual fashion designer trained at VIA Design University in Denmark with a background also in Circular Economy. Two and a half years ago, while searching on how to create more value with the conventional clothing that she was making, Cristina decided to embark on a long and exciting journey and traveled North to beautiful Denmark. It would lead her to discover her next big passion – sustainability and the great value that it brings to everyone: people, planet and products.

Design equals responsibility and today, more than ever, impactful industries such as the fashion industry have to adopt a more sustainable, conscious approach towards design. This industry, as it is today, is affecting the quality of life for future generations.

Solve is the materialization of the desire to create timeless and innovative clothes, always having in mind both the consumer and the environment’s needs.

"We believe that fashion has an added value to the world, apart from aesthetics. That is why with each collection we address timeless aesthetics and needs of the wearer, regarding clothing, that have not been dealt with yet, in the hopes of Solving them. We have a user-centered approach towards design/ The consumer is always at the center of our designs and (we) work with design thinking, a multidisciplinary approach and circular economy to develop sustainable innovations. Because we encourage slow fashion, we have one collection/year as our goal is to create lasting value and timeless design. Ultimately, every Solve garment must find its way back into nature, as we do not want to leave a negative mark on our ecosystem."

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"We like to think of our customers as active Consumers (contributor & consumer). To better explain this, we believe that in every person lies creativity and a unique individuality trace. So in order to prevent them from getting bored with their Solve garments (and to buy more clothes), we decided that they should be part of the creative process, and be able to influence the designs of the clothes they wear. Of course, we propose a range of styles, as an inspirational starting point for them. Therefore, our first collection is composed of only 3 pieces of clothing that convert into over 30 styles. All is made within a clean and ethical supply chain and the garments are 100% compostable."

We love the fact that Modsvar focuses on sustainable design and has a well-curated selection of brands. The same as Solve, Modsvar is focused on changing paradigms regarding the way we shop and bringing it to a more personal and responsible approach.

We are all about innovation and bringing more value to the customer, so the decision to join Modsvar came organically. The fresh concept of shopping with a crowd enables us, as a brand, to offer something back to our faithful customers: a great discount (since our collections are permanent, they will never go on sale). We’re very excited to be part of such a passionate community.

Back Christina Dan and her amazing designs by ordering one of the 3 designs, 'E', 'T' and 'R' here.

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