Modsvar Design Market

Meet us at the Danish design fair, Forårsmessen, at Aalborg Kongres og Kultur Center the 31st of March to the 2th of April 2017. Bring your friends, colleagues or your beloved one and get inspired by the new trends in interior design and sustainable fashion.

Along with 20 talented and emerging designers from the fields of interior design and sustainable fashion, Modsvar will join at the big stage in Aalborg Hallen (Hall B).

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Meet our exhibitors

Amov Apparel – Modsvar Design Market, Forårsmessen 2017


Sustainable Fashion

AMOV Apparel was founded in 2015. AMOV aims to become a pioneer of change in the fashion industry. AMOV combines organic, responsible and sustainable materials, a new recycling system and ambitious 'giving back' principles in a unique concept.

Bella Bella Denmark

Simple Nordic Jewelry

Bella Bella Denmark was established in 2014 by jewelry designer Bella Laurina. She loves what we does, and her mission with Bella Bella is to design and make jewelry that reflects the brands passion and values.

Better World Fashion

Sustainable Leather Jackets

The three founders of Better World Fashion, Kresten Thomsen, Karsten Moos Lund and Reimer Ivang collect used leather jackets as they cut up, get cleaned and sewn into new trendy jackets for both men and women. The leather comes from recycled leather.

Brainchild Original – Modsvar Design Market, Forårsmessen 2017

Brainchild Original

Graphic Design

Brainchild original is Danish design taken back to the original. Brainchild Original interpret Danish design for its inspiration and takes it back to the original.

ByCdesign, Minimalistic Posters – Modsvar Design Market, Forårsmessen 2017


Minimalistic Posters

The designer behind Bycdesign Carsten Nielsen loves working with geometric / organic forms. He expresses himself in a modern wsay and you will find the minimalistic modern times is in his artwork.

Compact Living, Multifunctional Furniture – Modsvar Design Market, Forårsmessen 2017

Compact Living

Multifunctional Furniture

Compact Living is a new Danish furniture brand which produce multifunctional furniture of high quality with a focus on aesthetics and sustainability.

Draw Doodles Study, Printed Drawings – Modsvar Design Market, Forårsmessen 2017

Draw Doodles Study

Printed Drawings

All the drawings from Draw Doodles Study are filled with history and affection - which evokes an immediate recognition and delight in all of us. The designs are simple and often leads the mind into play, love and life's many facets.

Enough, Unique Handmade Jewelry – Modsvar Design Market, Forårsmessen 2017


Unique Handmade Jewelry

Enough is a universe of unique handmade jewelry made of sterling silver, 18k goldplated silver, with precious and semiprecious stones. The collections are made in India, and our mission is to create something unique by having small family businesses participating in the production for our universe.

Harbo Art, Abstract Posters and Paintings – Modsvar Design Market, Forårsmessen 2017

Harbo Art

Abstract Posters and Paintings

Harboart designs abstract posters and paintings. The posters are painted with ink. Copies and originals comes in sizes; A3, 50x70 and 70x100 sold. The paintings are available in several sizes including 120x90 cm.

Kirstine Falk Johansen, Handmade Illustrations – Modsvar Design Market, Forårsmessen 2017

Kirstine Falk Johansen

Handmade Illustrations

Kirstine Falk is the designer and founder. She specializes in illustrations that combine pencil lines with watercolor and collage techniques. Her universe is both magical, dreamlike and slightly surreal. A slight melancholy is to track in some of the pictures, which breaks with the sweetness and gives the image depth in their stories.

Lausten, Jewelry Design – Modsvar Design Market, Forårsmessen 2017


Jewelry Design

Jeweler Dorte Lausten works with the graphic and mechanical expression in her jewelry design. In these designs her focus is working with the interplay between the dark oxidized and glossy surfaces.

Linevis, Illustrated Posters – Modsvar Design Market, Forårsmessen 2017


Illustrated Posters

Visually Linevis poster design have an aesthetic and natural expression, and a humorous dimension occurs in the contrast between the serious visual element and the everyday words and phrases we use without thinking more of the importance of the compound word.

Made by Toft, Furniture Design – Modsvar Design Market, Forårsmessen 2017

Made by Toft

Furniture Design

Niels Toft is an industrial designer from the School of Architecture in Aarhus. He is the lead driver of the design studio Niels Toft Design. Characteristic of the products is a good idea combined with the simple and functional design.

Nabamu Design, Handmade Leather Products – Modsvar Design Market, Forårsmessen 2017

Nabamu Design

Handmade Leather Products

Nanna Bach Munkholm is the founder and designer at Nabamu Design. Her focus is to create unique and handmade products for everyday use. Nabamu produces handbags, purses and other leather accessories.

Nøgtern, Scandinavian Jewelry – Modsvar Design Market, Forårsmessen 2017


Scandinavian Jewelry

Nøgtern creates design that combines Scandinavian simplicity with interesting materials and combinations. The jewelry is designed and made by Danish architect Sarah Fredlund Nielsen.

Nordah, Multifunctional Furniture – Modsvar Design Market, Forårsmessen 2017


Multifunctional Furniture

Jordan Jensen and Aksel Hammershoej are the designers behind the lifestyle brand, Nordah. Nordah unites design and functionality in a simple and classic expression. This is reflected in Nordahs first furniture, AH1.

Solon Handmade, Handmade Leather Bags – Modsvar Design Market, Forårsmessen 2017

Solon Handmade

Handmade Leather Bags

Solon Handmade was founded by craftswoman Maria Solon. All bags are designed and handmade by Maria Solon, who has worked with leather for more than 10 years. Solon Handmade creates timeless designs that goes against the buy-throw-away culture.

Traewerk, Designer Lamps – Modsvar Design Market, Forårsmessen 2017


Designer Lamps

TraeWerk is a modern design company based in Aarhus. The lamps No. 109 and No. 145 marked the beginning of their design success. The name Traewerk is Danish and describes how they have a preference for wood as the primary material.

Unikaposters, Posters and Photography – Modsvar Design Market, Forårsmessen 2017


Posters and Photography

Unikaposters make beautiful photography and graphic design. The posters are with tenacity and passion designed by Christian & Charlotte and reflects a whole-hearted attempt to create unique, stylish and beautiful motifs.