brainchild original ægget poster

brainchild original

æg original

Poster, 50 x 70 cm.

Brainchild original is Danish design, taken back to the original. Buy your own copy of the original. The poster is printed on 250 g / m2 MultiArt Silk, eco-labeled paper and measures 50 x 70 centimeters.

brainchild original ægget poster


250 g/m2 MultiArt Silk


  1. 50 x 70
ægget poster brainchild original

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brainchild original

danish design back to the original

Whoever makes a good design cares for the process, it results in a pride in the final design, thus it becomes the designer's brainchild. All designs are different, but not all are genuine, even with us, we have a source of inspiration. We interpret Danish design for its inspiration and take it thus return to the original.