Dayana - Vintage biker

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Dayana - jacket

"Dayana" - Vintagebiker

Dayana jacket has a clean cut, clean lines and a slimming look. It can be taken up again and again and can be used as a complement to all styles. All jackets from Better World Fashion are sustainable. Leather lining and zippers - everything is created from recycled materials that ensure sustainability. The leather comes from fur and leather, which is returned for recycling, while the lining is made from recycled plastic bottles, and zippers and buttons are made of melted metal. BWF is an environmentally friendly alternative that makes it inexpensive and environmentally responsible to be fashionably dressed.

"Dayana" - Vintage biker jacket


Reworked leather. Lining is made from recycled plastic bottles - zippers and buttons recycled metal.


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Dayana - Vintage biker

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Better World Fashion

Unique leather jackets for men and women

The three founders of Better World Fashion, Kresten Thomsen, Karsten Moos Lund and Reimer Ivang, collect used leather jackets as they cut up, get cleaned and sewn into new trendy jackets for both men and women. The leather comes from recycled leather. The lining is made recycled plastic, while zippers and buttons are melted metal. When you buy a Better World jacket, you buy rights of use. So when you are tired of the jacket, you can send it back and get up to 50% discount on a new jacket. BWF's leasing customers have the opportunity to replace their leather jacket up to three times in 18 months.