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Hexa Plate

Hexa Plate by Segment Denmark

Hexa Plate is a unique tray made of carefully chosen European oak. Hexa Plate builds upon our hexagon-inspired universe, in which each element fits perfectly into the total, six-sided design. Hexa Plate can be combined with Hexa Light or Basic to achieve orderliness in the bedroom, the kitchen or anywhere else. The tray is hand-polished for an optimal finish that is always pleasing to the touch. Size: Height: 29,5 cm Width: 26 cm Depth: 3,2 cm

Hexa Plate is a simple nordic design tray to organize anywhere


German oak, the product is made in denmark


  1. 295x260x32mm

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Segment Denmark

Multi-functionality and minimalism

Segment Denmark is a design company that focus on the simple and minimalist look and multifunctionality. There are no corners or surfaces left to coincidences. We differentiate ourselves on multifunctionality via a unisex modular system based on the bees build cells, which makes a decorative organizer for everyday life - in private homes, as well as at work. An important part of Segment Denmark identity and expression is that all products are made in Denmark. The designer behind Segment Denmark is Mads Hartmann and has a background in Graphics.