Mueblo velour pude grøn greenery


Velourflip - Greenery

From the Mueblo velvet spring collection #VelourFlip

Colors of the spring 2017 brought the inspiration to this velvet collection from Mueblo. We introduce #VelourFlip! This velvet collection represent some of modern days most wonderful textile-materials, and at the same time it reflects a time in this branche, where things where totally different. Velvet was during the 18th century known as luxury, used mainly in french castles. Again during the 1970's and 80's it became symbolic with more alternative methods in interior design. At Mueblo we use the soft velvet to reflect some of the beautiful colors the nature has brought us this spring.

Mueblo Velour pude - Dansk design inspireret af naturen


100 % polyester


  1. 60x40cm

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Sustainable interior design

My name is Patrick, and i am co-founder of a danish based interior design brand named Mueblo. We believe in creating a more sustainable future, working only with natural materials. Our goal is to inspire the future of modern day design in a more sustainable direction. The beautiful nature around us is providing us with the materials we bring into our homes. We need to keep this in mind every time we are decorating our homes. See a part of our selection right here on Such an amazing concept, benefitting not only you as a customer, but also us as designers.